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May’s Temps, Turns, and Turbulence….

If you’ve never experienced tremendous change in your life (be it on a personal or a professional level), then you’ve missed a great opportunity for growth and improvement. Anytime you step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, learn something new, or just make a significant change in your daily life, you’re opening a new door – be it good or bad – it’s new and causes a strain (sometimes a ripping) of the fabric of your life, and as a general rule, you’re adding a few scraps to the fabric as you go. How you choose to move forward or react to those changes and opportunities is entirely up to you, and

will define some aspects of your adult character.

And if you haven’t already guessed, this has been the situation for the last few weeks of my life and will most likely be continued over the next several months. I must admit, I have mixed feelings about these changes. One day, I look forward to the change, the next, I will admit, I feel nothing but trepidation. My rational mind tells me this is completely normal. My emotional self has a different viewpoint.

Just like the changing tides that pull and push the ocean waves, our emotions pull us in multiple directions, depending upon the mood of the day. The logical mind is a more disciplined entity and refuses to be swayed on a whim. It takes real facts to move logic. Right now, I feel more like the month of May in the spring season: temperaments and heated moments that rise and fall on a whim, twists, and turns of emotion that resemble a ribbon of asphalt on a winding mountain road, and turbulence that assaults my logical mind daily with blasts of constantly changing emotions. Pretty close to the weather that

accompanies the changing of the season during the month of May.

I suppose it’s a blessing that we are endowed with both logic and emotion. Each has a role to play during the course of changes and decision-making. It’s just sometimes hard to distinguish between at what point one should follow and one should rule. And as I approach my sixties, I’m still not sure of the correct answer to that dilemma.

So it would seem that at this moment in my life, at this particular juncture, I will again repeat: As with all dreary, unhappy, difficult moments of storm and rain, the flowers are coming – as we emerge from the darkness, we can see the sun beginning to shine brightly. The rebirth is upon us! New life is born of strife, and we can smile again! Welcome May and the flowers she brings!

I’m still working on the big news – it won’t be announced this month – but let’s cross our fingers for June. After all, that will be my birthday month – it will be time for some great, big, wonderful news!

Until next month, dear reader, stay safe, happy, and well-read!


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