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Natalie R. Vice


Meet Natalie, the Author.

Born in 1965 on an Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Natalie R. Vice has spent a lifetime preparing for the stories she creates in Women of the Ozarks, The Scrapbook Series.

She draws upon her life experiences as a young woman raised in small town America for the funny and sometimes dysfunctional adventures of the characters of Jo Felsenthal and Gina Ingram as they come together in Women of the Ozarks, The Scrapbook Series for the pursuit of lost friendship and new adventures.

When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s most likely exploring the Ozarks: hiking, canoeing, ziplining and looking for the next great story!

Upon completing a 4-year stint in the Air Force, Natalie’s parents returned to the small-town way of life to live and raise their 3 children and Natalie has spent most of her life within a 50-mile radius of that same small town. Natalie has spent lots of hours and days observing and finding humor in the everyday “mishaps” that occur when life is lived in a small town America.

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