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Just July…

When you talk about July, everyone in the South immediately envisions waves of heat, insufferable humidity, and the 4th of July celebrations that take place in every small town across America. This July is proving to be the epitome of the prior descriptive sentence in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

And here I am, working on about 5 too many projects at one time (as usual) and wondering how I’m going to meet several of my self-imposed deadlines. My current schedule proves once again it is true that we create our own misery. The bright spot in the month and the misery, is my continued work on the audio books for The Scrapbook Series.

I’ve wanted for quite some time to create the audio book versions of The Scrapbook Series books, but honestly the expense for having them narrated was cost prohibitive for an Indie author such as myself.

Then along comes Artificial Intelligence. The Indie author’s saving grace. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the edits, and so far, I’m very pleased with the results. These books

utilize Artificial Intelligence to narrate; and although there are a few kinks to be worked through, I must say I’m very pleased with the end products.

In last month’s post, I shared the information you’ll need to download the audio book version of the series, and I will do so again this month, until I’m sure that all readers can find the information they need to get the books. I’ll also publish next month the formats and locations beyond Amazon that will carry the audio version.

The thing I am most pleased about: the voice for the book’s narration. The AI narrator is an older, female voice but the clarity and intonations are great! I think as we continue to work with and develop the skills if the AI assistants at our disposal, we’ll have a great addition to the workforce for many white-collar workers and jobs. I’m in the camp that AI won’t replace us, but enhance our abilities, and in the process make us a more efficient and effective workforce.

Today, as I write this month’s blog post, I’m spending my 4 th of July holiday catching up on all the things I’ve had to set aside for the last few days and weeks in order to setup a new office, edit audio books and generally start over once again. Ah, but with each life change and event, I gather more material for more books!

I know it’s just July, and there are still many more months left in this year, but I already feel as though I’m behind the gun to get all accomplished that I want to for 2024. It’s been a year of real chaos and change; one I never saw coming, almost like some of Jo and Gina’s life lessons. Well, they say adversity builds character, so there is that to count as a blessing for 2024.

Until next month dear reader, stay safe, happy and well read!


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