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Dogwoods, Dogma and Deliverance….

April has arrived and an early Easter has come and gone. It seems though, someone forgot to tell the Dogwoods to bloom early. Isn’t this just a perfect example of life in the modern world?

Ahh, the beautiful dogwoods that herald the arrival of a new season, a new beginning. They are in bloom everywhere here in my little part of the Ozarks; in fact, my area is blanketed with white sketchy splotches of color. Lots and lots of splotches!

Dogwoods often invoke thoughts of the resurrection, the meaning of Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and the heralding of our salvation through the death and rebirth of Christ, (yes, I am of the Baptist persuasion) and the dogma of the Christian faith. If ever there were an instance of a logo bringing about positive thoughts, the dogwood was the perfect “logo” for the Christian observance of Christ’s death and rebirth.

An occasion that could just as easily have evoked dark thoughts is now infused with the beauty of the blooming dogwood and we all delight in not only the sight before us, but the knowledge that because of the death and rebirth of Christ we have the opportunity to experience salvation!

On the pagan front, you recognize the spring equinox, the movement from a hibernating

time to the resurgence of Mother Earth’s life’s blood flowing through all of nature. If ever there were the perfect example of deliverance from the dark, cold, starkness of winter the dogwood is that representation of the light at the end of the tunnel – the beginning of all things new and delightful. White, bright beauty against the barren starkness of the winter canvas.

So in all ways positive, the simple, yet exquisite Dogwood manages to bring together the Christian and the pagan in a unified, happy, lovely moment.

So it would seem that at this moment in my life, at this particular juncture, I take comfort in the Dogwood’s message of hope and coming life. As with all dreary, unhappy, difficult moments of storm and rain, the flowers are coming – as we emerge from the darkness, we can see the sun beginning to shine brightly. The rebirth is upon us! New life is born of the strife and we can smile again!

As I prepare to bring this post to a close, I’m going to make note that the title should have been a clue as to the complexity of this post – but if not, I’m sure you have picked up on the tone, and irony, at this point.

I’m at a difficult juncture in life right now – nothing I care to elaborate on just yet, but I’m really feeling the mood of the title I chose – Dogwoods, Dogma and Deliverance – and I’m actively seeking the deliverance aspect!

In addition to my internal struggles and twisted discussion, I initially thought I would have some big news for this blog, but that’s been delayed a few weeks. So, I’m going to end once again, with “stay tuned” – I HOPEFULLY will have some big news to announce in the May blog!

On another note, can you believe my next post will be for the month of MAY? Where is our year disappearing to??

Until next month, dear reader, stay safe, happy, and well-read!


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