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Friendship, Fate, and the Long Road Home

Hi. I’m Natalie R. Vice

Thanks for visiting my site. As a women’s fiction author and freelance writer, I’m always looking for my next great story and if you’d like to follow along, please sign up for notifications of new blog posts and our occasional newsletter announcing the latest developments on the “Contact Me” page of my website.


In my fiction writing, I try to create stories that take readers on a journey “back into their yesterdays.” As a writer, I’m fascinated with the past’s impact on the present; How much of our past affects who we are today? I work hard to incorporate that curiosity of yesteryear into my writing, and create believable characters with inspiring stories of friendship, perseverance, self-reflection and hope for a better tomorrow.

As a freelance writer and journalist, I serve the business, finance, and cryptocurrency industries.


If I could boil my approach to writing down to one idea, it would be this Irish proverb: “Take time to dream, it is hitching your wagon to a star.” The proverb, in it’s entirety, is posted on my blog site and incorporated into several of my books.


I hope you enjoy exploring my site, and if you’re a fellow writer/reader or curious fiction traveler, join us for the journey!

Women of the Ozarks //


Natalie Vice

Can friendship last a lifetime?

Memories of Tomorrow

Everyone says that hindsight is 20/20. If that’s true, how much of that image in the rear view affects who we are today, or who we will become tomorrow?

Two separate paths. One enduring friendship.

Tomorrow’s Promise

Jo Felsenthal and Gina Ingram were girls of the ’60s and ’70s and grew into young women during one of the most turbulent social times in American history. The cultural forces of those tumultuous times had a tremendous impact on the choices they made and the women they became.

How Much of Your Future Depends on Your Past?

Crossing Yesterday

After decades apart, childhood friends Jo Felsenthal and Gina Ingram spend their first summer together after more than forty years. A few weeks spent revisiting life as the girls they used to be and getting to know each other as the women they’ve become has shown them that time and circumstances have changed them both.

"My life has been so stuck-in-the-mountains-boring.

Jo's traveled the world. What could we possibly still have in common?" I can't think of a thing we still have in common... once we get past all those "back in the day" memories, what will fill the silence?

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