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And Then There Were None….

How did December arrive so quickly? Each and every year, I seem to ask myself this same question. It’s as if I look around, and most of my year feels as if it’s been stolen – just whisked away on a wish and a whim! Of course, that’s not reality; each day drifted by in the hurried moments of errands, chores, and to-do lists.

Even as I write this article, I have a notepad with my “Christmas To Do” sitting right beside me. I believed (truly in total error) that once I retired, I would have so much extra time on my hands… time to soak in the beauty of the day whilst I contemplated my next chapter of the Scrapbook Series or hiked along the many beautiful trails found in the Boston Mountains of the Ozark chain. And although I do take part in those things, I find so many more of my days are consumed with lists to be complete… lists of household responsibilities, doctors appointments, posting, and record keeping; as you can see, it simply goes on and on. The time thief invents ways to whisk away my time, and he’s getting better and better at

accomplishing his mission.

And then there were none. No months left in the year. No more, “next month I’ll get to that” for this year. The days are spent, and Father Time is ready to roll the calendar.

I suppose this realization each year provides two necessary things for me: The first is that it is concrete proof we should appreciate every day and find a way to be thankful for all our many blessings, big and small. The second is the opportunity to look back over my year, acknowledge and revel in my triumphs while deepening my resolve on the items I didn’t accomplish.

December, and the beginning of the winter season, is a perfect time for introspection and review. As the living world around us withdraws to rest, hibernate, and prepare for the coming spring and rebirth, so should we. It is a time to look inside ourselves to take whatever steps are necessary to prepare for a new year, a new season, and new beginnings. Some of us need time to reflect and lick our wounds. Some of us need time to revel in our victories. And for some of us (in fact most of us) it’s a little bit of both.

So, as December of 2023 comes upon us, I wish for all my readers to have a wonderfully joyful and fulfilling Christmas Holiday season, but I also wish for you to have time to reflect, appreciate, be grateful, and prepare for the birth of a new year and new opportunities!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!

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