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An Unusual and Uneasy February….

A normal February would mean we were surrounded by cold winds, even colder temps, and for the last few years, quite a bit of snow.

But not this February. No, this February you would think we’re living in Florida, or southern Texas. Balmy temps, light breezes, and quite a bit of sunshine. This all comes together to create quite the confusing and uneasy feeling. This is not so normal. At all.

But, as with most everything that’s ever been a part of my life and daily existence, I’m adapting. There’s always a way to move forward; it may not always be the most joyous forward movement, but it’s moving forward nonetheless.

My mood today is best described as that of a grizzly bear awakening from hibernation – sour, hungry and with a short temper. That thought brings up another question: what do the bears do when it’s more like summer than winter in February? Does their instinct to come out override the fact that they have only been in hibernation a couple of months at most? That “bears” investigating (pun intended). But, back to our original topic: Uneasiness and confusion.

I’m not a real big fan of those emotions and states of being. Especially as a writer; I need consistency and clear focus. Unfortunately, for this month, in this year, I’m finding it’s anything but consistent and clear. Retirement is fairly new, and some of the emotions are unexpected. I’m not working on my book series right now, choosing instead to finish the house and develop a new consumer product and that makes me sad, but there are only so many hours in the day. So, all things considered, I’m stuck right smack dab in the middle of uneasiness and confusion, and it looks like this whole year may be following that same


Woe is me. Or not. Maybe. Maybe not.

I need to share some joy and follow up with a more positive statement: I’m normally a “glass half full” kind of gal, so these feelings really clash with my usual disposition, and I will apologize to my reader at this point: this is usually not what you get from me. But, for today, in this moment, it’s all I’ve got.


I really do apologize for the doom and gloom feelings of today. And I’m certainly not going to leave you on that sour note. So, let me take a moment and look for something sunny and cheerful.

Ah, I have it: SNAP! SNAP is The World’s First Fully Customizable Snackboard, and my current ray of sunshine and obsession. I’ve devoted almost a year now to the development of this product and am looking so forward to seeing my invention on the shelves at Walmart or the pages of my very own Shopify store. Or better yet, on Amazon! My faith is strong, and my hopes are high and that’s the most positive thought I can share with you today.

Keep the faith, stay strong, hopefully real winter will arrive and come the warmth of summer I can share with you the first production run of SNAP!


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