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August 22, 2014

It's 5:30 am - time for coffee, a running check of new emails, and a bite of breakfast.  Somewhere between making coffee and checking emails, I light up the first cigarette of the day.

After breakfast and a quick shower, it's on to the more enjoyable part of the day, working on the latest "book".  


I'm a lister, an organizer, an outline-maker and all of this comes together when it's time to begin the writing process...  I usually spend about 30 minutes re-reading the material from the day before, reconnecting mentally and emotionally with the story - the characters, the setting, the scences.. then writing begins (oops - forgot, first comes the music - plug in the ipod, tune in Elvis or Bob Seger, or Conway and Loretta, or Lynyrd Synyrd and then the writing begins).  The words pour forth with the same flow as the notes of the music playing... sometimes for only a few hours...sometimes I look up and the day is gone, the sun has set, and I've barely noticed.  The only telltale sign that hours have passed in my small space, is the numerous stale cigarette butts that litter the ashtray - most are half smoked, lit in a moment of reflection, then as the thoughts pour, the urge to smoke is forgotten.


Somewhere between 5 and 6 in the evening, my better half calls to share a long distance drink, a smoke, and conversation.  Details of our day, the ups and downs, the epiphanys and the mundane are shared - my view from in front of the computer screen, and his from the latest construction site in Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, or whereever he happens to be at the moment.


Somewhere around 7, I grab a bite of supper, and if there's still a pressing thought that needs to escape to the pages of the book, it's back to the computer.  It does no good to try to sleep if there is that one perfect sentence, thought, or scene that begs to be recorded!


Finally, I give myself over to the blissful emptiness of sleep, and take comfort in the thought that tomorrow is another day, another day to write!


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