Jo & Gina, The Scrapbook Series has begun!  Books 1 and 2 are available now on Amazon!


Tomorrow's Promise


Book 1, “Tomorrow's Promise", begins at the beginning and introduces you to the girls of yesteryear  – where they lived, how they met, and what life was like for the young girls and then young women of Polk Ridge, AR.  It is the first in a series of books that shares with the reader a glimpse into the lives of the sometimes mundane, sometimes exhilarating, but always interesting characters of Jorja and Regina.  And it is a love affair with life that keeps them moving from adventure to adventure, dreaming, and looking forward to tomorrow.



Crossing Yesterday

ISBN: 1519756372


Book 2 "Crossing Yesterday"  continues the story of Jo and Gina as they search for the friends and girls they used to be in the women they are today.  As they fly, tumble, and walk their way through the Ozark Mountains of the Buffalo River National Park.


How do you bridge the distance of almost four decades of separation?  What does it take to find a treasure you lost so long ago?  When is it possible to recapture your youth?  There's nothing like adventure and adrenaline to speed the answers to the most philosophical of life's questions, while you try really hard to understand the most obvious question:  Why are you even trying?


Join Jo and Gina for a summer filled with Ozark experiences.  As they search and explore the mountains of their youth, they also search for themselves.  Two women who are now almost strangers, one crazy idea, a long hot summer, a passion for hiking and what do you have?  All the makings for a wild, and possibly catastrophic adventure!



​Anticipated Release  2016 

You learn as you live life to plan, prepare, and plan some more.  You learn to cope with the expected.  It’s the stuff you don’t see coming that often manages to be your undoing.  Jorja and Regina are no different.  In the Unraveling, Regina’s carefully constructed family life seems to simply fall apart.   If ever she needed a friend, it’s now. 

Jorja, however, has her own set of issues.  She’s confronted with revisiting her feelings for Paul Collections. Paul, her high school sweetheart that she just couldn’t make room for all those years ago.  Paul, who inherited and runs Collection’s Winery; a family business that he’s taken to international status. 

Life seems to be quickly unraveling for each of them.  They had plans.  They had a path they wanted to follow.  Now, it seems that everyone and everything is conspiring to turn the most carefully constructed plans upside down!  How did it all get so complicated?

Suddenly, finding a lost friendship seems like the easiest part of their lives.  Two wiser women begin to take comfort from their daily chats and weekly visits.  They begin to find a way to cross from the memories of yesterday to find a common bond in the trials and triumphs of today.

The Other Side

Anticipated Release  2017

At some point, we all need a break.  Jorja and Regina have simultaneously reached that place.  What happens when all you want is a chance to getaway but it suddenly becomes an opportunity to expand your horizons?  See places and people beyond the walls of your carefully arranged life?  Jorja and Regina left for a two-week vacation to California that manages to turn into a several month’s absence. Add to this the fact that California encourages their diversity of opinions and habits.   Two old friends are once again coping with different points of view.   A vacation often allows us to indulge our habits, and this clearly becomes a case of California dreamin’…along with some screamin’!


At some point, you have to ask yourself: Is the grass really any greener on the other side?


Wait For Me...

IAnticipated Release  2018


Almost a decade has passed since that fateful Facebook “friend request”.  Two old friends have shared tears and laughter.  Anger and happiness, trials and triumphs.  The inseparable girls of ’76 have become something we all long for: older, wiser, and a best friend to another.  They have stopped searching for the girls they used to be, and found lasting friendship in the women they are today.  Just as they manage to make peace with the people they’ve become, fate deals their friendship a final blow.  Jorja and Paul are planning a future.  Regina has reconciled herself once and for all with her life in the Ozarks.  This time, it won’t be their life choices that separate them. It won’t be their choices that determine their final parting.  It will be the hand of Fate.


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